FUN & EDUCATIONAL ALTERNATIVE TO TABLETS & VIDEO GAMES: Spend quality family time traveling to distant planets, nebulas, and galaxies. It includes: - 360 degrees Start rotation - Dula sided flip the stunt to project stars - 24 photo slides
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Scholastic Reader Level 2: The Magic School Bus Rides Again: Deep-Sea Dive

When D.A. drop's Jyoti's favorite gadget into the sea, it's up to Ms. Frizzle and her class to find it! Buckle up, because the Magic School Bus is diving deep into the ocean on a hunt for the precious gadget. Along the way, the class will explore the ocean's zones. But can the kids survive the water pressure and the creepy creatures that live on the bottom of the sea? RELATED SUBJECTS: Ocean Habitats , Fish and Marine Life , Oceans, Lakes, Rivers

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يوميات مشاغب 2

يوميات مشاغب هي سلسلة لمشاغبات الأطفال الشائعة بطلها "فصّول" الذي يقع دائماً في المشاكل بسبب سوء تقديره لنتائج ما يقوم به من تصرفات طائشة، يبحث يعدها عن طريقة لتصحيح سلوكه والاعتذار للآخرين عن مشاغباته.

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