Educational Insights - GeoSafari® JR - Animal Eye Viewers Discovering the world in a different light was exciting for my boys. They’d giggle as they’d see a dozen of the same item through an insect’s many lenses. The Big Idea Have you ever wondered what the world looks like to an insect, a shark, or a chameleon? Kids can now view the world from the animal’s perspective when they slip on these Animal Eye Viewers. Insect Eye Viewer—Pixilated eyeball creates dozens of mini-images at once. Shark Eye Viewer—Get a 360-degree view complete with rearview mirrors, ocean-blue tint, and central blind spot (sharks can’t see directly in front of themselves). Chameleon Eye Viewer—Keep your focus with two independently rotating eyeballs. Shhh...They're Learning! Perfect tool for budding zoologists Encourages outdoor exploration Fosters hands-on learning Cut to the Chase 3 Choices of a handheld eye masks that helps kids see the world like an insect, a shark, or a chameleon Long-lasting, durable Wipe-clean surface Part of the award-winning Geosafari® Jr line
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