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Less is more in this subtle card game. Group the cards in your hand by number and color to try canceling out their point values. Multiples of cards are scored as zero, so each number is only counted once. Trade cards while keeping a careful watch on your opponents. Mind your strategy as you all reach for the goal of cancelling out your hand and achieving the ultimate combo: ZERO! ZERO = A hand that contains five cards of one color and five cards with one number (with one of the nine cards belonging to both). Contents: • 56 Cards • Illustrated Rules Skills developed in this game: Social play, Strategy

AED40.00 AED32.00

High Bounce Sports Ball

AED10.00 AED08.00

Mood Putty Pals

AED18.00 AED14.40

Tin Music Box

AED48.00 AED38.40
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