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Less is more in this subtle card game. Group the cards in your hand by number and color to try canceling out their point values. Multiples of cards are scored as zero, so each number is only counted once. Trade cards while keeping a careful watch on your opponents. Mind your strategy as you all reach for the goal of cancelling out your hand and achieving the ultimate combo: ZERO! ZERO = A hand that contains five cards of one color and five cards with one number (with one of the nine cards belonging to both). Contents: • 56 Cards • Illustrated Rules Skills developed in this game: Social play, Strategy


Learning Resources Cuisenaire Rods Introductory Set: Wood Rods

Cuisenaire Rods help students transition from concrete to abstract representation of math concepts. Each color represents a different Rod length that can be assigned a different numeric value or unit of measure. Set includes 74 Rods (in tray) for use with 2-3 students. Rods measure 1 cm-10 cm in length. Grades PreK+ | Ages 4+


STEM Magnets Activity Set

This kit has been specifically designed to engage and inspire primary children in science, technology, engineering and math lessons to develop enthusiasm from a young age. Colorful set teaches primary learners about the properties of magnetism including: polarity, attraction and repulsion. Children conduct hands-on investigations and record data to find the optimum situation for each activity. Includes: 1 horseshoe magnet, magnetic post, maze, 4 ring magnets, 2 bar magnets, 2 magnetic ladybirds, 2 snap-on toy cars and 10 activity cards. Ring and bar magnets north and south poles are colour-coded. Ideal solo or small group activity. Good introduction to problem solving.


Learning Resources Mental Blox360 degrees

Ready to take Mental Blox to the next level? This brain-boosting, make-you-think, point-of-view game challenges players to build 3-D puzzles from different visual perspectives. Forty double-sided cards feature the puzzle on the front and the solution on the back. With three levels of play, this puzzle game is a sure way to sharpen spatial visualization, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. Includes 15 colorful blocks and Activity Guide.

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