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Bath Pack with Matching Book & Squirters - Bath Toys - LUDI

Small bag for bath time that can be taken anywhere. Contains a book for developing your baby's senses and a squirt toys to keep your baby entertained in the bath. Helps develop your baby's sense of touch. Available in four colours: red or blue.


Geometric Eva Mat - Baby Play - Ludi

Your child will safely play their first games on these comfortable, hygienic and colourful LUDI foam tiles with high-quality textures! This “Geometric Shapes” playmat keeps children off cold floors, absorbs shocks and is resistant to little teeth. The bright colours and range of textures stimulate baby’s curiosity. Everything about it is designed to encourage your child’s fine motor skills! The 4 large tiles fit together to make a fabulous playmat measuring 120.5 x 120.5 cm. Perfect for crawling around or playing with their favourite toys! The sturdy, comfortable tiles (1.1 cm thick) interlock to keep your child safe.


Blue Bouncing Dog - Baby Ride on - Ludi

A dog dynamic and playful! This bouncing dog will become the ideal friend of the toddlers! Very stable, the dog encourages the driving activity by its overlapping. He helps of the dexterity, develops your baby's coordination and motor function. Baby grows and bounces with his small dog! The dog is friendly and fun nature will make it a close friend for any child! It's possible to give him a name and write him on the customizable bandana with a felt-tip marker. Child can write his/her name in an area on the dog' stomach. The dog is a real game for kids and a lovely decorative accessory for the room.


Sensory Balls x 3 - Baby Toys - Ludi

3 littles sensory balls ideal for sharing some relaxing moments or gaming moments with your baby. In this pack : an orange and yellow ball with differently ribs and velvety texture and a blue massage ball with soft bumps. It develop your baby's sense of touch, hone your baby's agility and motor skills. The ball stimulates touch receptors, which helps babies improve their sense of balance when they are first learning to walk.


Finger Puppets Unicorn - Baby Play - Ludi

This set of 5 little finger puppets is a great way of making the most of those special moments with your child, such as bathtime or bedtime. Little puppeteers will love bringing these sweet unicorns to life. They’ll make up amazing magical stories and invent all sorts of enchanting fairy tale games! Puppets help children to develop their motor skills, imagination and vocabulary. And as your child grows, they’ll love making up their own stories to tell! A great way to learn to talk while having fun! These sweet, amusing little unicorns are designed specially for little hands. They are made of soft, hygienic plastic that’s both water- and chew-resistant – so they’re just right for children aged 10 months and over. Whether it’s bathtime or bedtime, these little unicorns will always provide plenty of family smiles and fun, as together you explore the world of the imagination!

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