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Farm cube puzzle

€15.78 €12.62

Pets cube puzzle

€15.78 €12.62

Touch & Feel Puzzle - Farm Animals

Feel the woolly lamb and the feathery duck…They are just two of the exciting textures to explore on these puzzle pieces shaped like farm friends. Each piece of this wooden puzzle will help stimulate sensory discrimination and eye-hand development.

€10.19 €8.15

Vehicles cube puzzle

€15.78 €12.62

Wooden Story Blocks

Roll the blocks and tell a story! This set of eight color-coded wooden blocks features six different who, what, where, or when pictures. With options for one- or two-person game play, Story Blocks inspire endless creative combinations. Just roll one (or more) block from each category, then make up a story with whatever pictures land face-up. The sillier the combination, the funnier the story! A witch bringing a birthday cake to the circus in the rain? With Story Blocks, it could happen!

€12.23 €9.78
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