Help children master the basics of subtraction with Ready to Learn: K–2 Subtraction Flash Cards. Half of the cards in this 48-card set show equations vertically, and the other half horizontally, so as to familiarize beginning math students ages 5 to 8 with the two most common ways they’ll see the problems in school. Whether students quiz themselves or work with a partner, they’ll find that these math flash cards reinforce the skills needed to succeed in kindergarten through second grade math. Shows equations in two formats: vertically and horizontally. Each card features a subtraction problem with its solution on the other side. Portable for on-the-go learning. Includes 48 two-color cards. Meets Common Core State Standards
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Sight words—short, easy words to recognize at a glance—form the basis of many early reading programs, and repeated exposure to sight words helps students learn to recognize them quickly. Ready to Learn: K-1 Sight Words Flash Cards make them part of a young reader’s vocabulary in a snap. Kindergarteners and first graders ages 5 to 7 will be on the path to reading success with this set of 48 cards that have a different sight word on each side. Flashcards are an engaging way to improve word recognition and reading skills and increase students’ learning confidence. Double-sided, two-color cards feature 96 sight words to memorize. Repetition solidifies vocabulary building and reading skills. Portable for on-the-go learning. Kids can use it on their own or with parents. Meets Common Core State Standards

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Ready to Learn: Pre-K-K Alphabet Flash Cards reinforce the letter and sound recognition skills young children need to excel in pre-K and kindergarten. All forty-eight, double-sided cards feature a letter from the alphabet, and the reverse includes a word and a colorful object that begins with that letter. Repetition and regular practice with these flashcards help children build alphabet skills and create connections between images and letters.

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Mess-Free Flower & Butterfly Scenes

Make 2 gorgeous peel-and-sparkle scenes! Our patented technology lets kids get the look and feel of real glitter without the mess. One simple process creates amazing results: Just peel away a section of white paper from the flower and butterfly scenes to reveal the sticky surface, then press on one of the glitter sheets for instant sparkling art.

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